Every registered domain has at least two Name Server records which show where it is hosted i.e. by using these records you point your domain to the servers of a particular website hosting provider. This way, you have both your website and your emails handled by the same provider. On the lower level of the Domain Name System (DNS), nevertheless, there are a number of other records, like A and MX. The first one shows which server handles the website for a given domain and is always an IP address (, while the second one shows which server manages the e-mails and is always an alphanumeric string (mx1.domain.com). As an example, whenever you enter a domain address in your Internet browser, your request is directed through the global DNS system to the provider whose NS records the domain address uses and from there you could be directed to the servers of a different service provider if you have set an IP address of the latter as an A record for your domain address. Having different records for the website and the emails suggests that you can have your website and your emails with two different companies if you wish.

Custom MX and A Records in Cloud Web Hosting

With a cloud web hosting plan from our company, you'll be able to create or modify the A and MX records of your domain names and subdomains with ease using our sophisticated Hepsia hosting Control Panel. Editing the default records will take two clicks and the setup of a new record requires just a few more clicks, so in case you have never dealt with such matters, you'll not encounter any difficulties. We've got an in depth help section that makes things even easier. If you want to switch your email provider and you have to create a number of MX records in addition to the default two, you may choose their priority i.e. which record will deal with your e-mails first when somebody sends you a message. Usually the new provider will tell you what these values ought to be. With our shared plans, you'll have total control over your domain names and subdomains and you will be able to manage their A and MX records very easily and at any time.